Over the past years our dedicated shipping experts have built long-term relationships with various first-class ship owners and brokers that provide the best freight opportunities to charter vessels under different types of charter parties: from spot shipments to long-term contracts of affreightment and time charters. Overall, we did more than 2,700 shipments in 2015, mostly via the main sea routes of Asia, the Mediterranean Basin, and Continental Europe to their destinations in Africa, the Middle East, and South America.



Our shipping team offers you the following services:

•    Long-term collaboration and support for
     customers through customized shipping
•    Cost effective, professional and innovative
•    Vessel operation: time charter to voyage
     charter, 24/5 operational support 
•    Expertise on all types of materials
     incl. cementitious and energy products  
•    Any size vessels down from Panamax to
     tugs and barges
•    Support on terminal development projects,
      - Floating terminals
      - Ship to ship transfer
      - Floating pipelines